fish anyone? redux

Three years ago there was considerable debate regarding the introduction of stricter size and number limits for recreational fishing in¬†Northern New Zealand. What was missing from the debate was the impact of population growth and the associated increased pressure on fish stocks. I blogged on this issue three years ago, stating that as New Zealand’s … Continue reading

New Zealand has a migration crisis

New Zealand has a migration crisis on par with Europe. It is just that the mode of arrival of new migrants is via different means. New Zealand has had net-migration gains for the past 3 years with records being broken month after month. In the year to April 2016, New Zealand had a net-migration gain … Continue reading

Population Decline and the Great Economic Reversal

George Friedman writes a very interesting piece of analysis on the coming (hopefully) reduction, and reversal, of population growth. I have written a number of times on this subject in this blog stating that such a reduction and reversal in population growth does not necessarily have to have negative consequences, but can likely bring many … Continue reading

The End of the Age Pyramid

I have blogged about population pyramids before, however this article published in the Atlantic magazine is well worth the read. New Zealand is in a similar position to the USA, in that, our population is balancing. That is we are progressing from having more young people than old people, to having similar numbers of all … Continue reading

Optimism and Overpopulation

“Without the motivation to limit family size, access to modern contraception is nearly irrelevant.” Virginia Abernethy, The Atlantic Monthly December 1994. The above quote is from an article that was written almost 20 years ago. The author argues that the key driver of population growth is the desired number of children, rather than the lack … Continue reading

NZIER’s Population Growth Obsession

The NZIER released a report today that continues to push their agenda of increased population growth as a necessity for New Zealand’s economic wellbeing. According to their report; increasing population growth (via increased immigration) by adding an extra 40,000 people per year over ten years would lead to an increase in GDP per capita of … Continue reading

Baby Bonus?

The New Zealand Labour Party has caused a stir this week announcing a raft of policy measures intended to alleviate poverty and improve the quality of life of New Zealand’s children. The one policy that has caught the media’s attention is the paying of new parents who earn up to $150,000 per annum $60 per … Continue reading