Women needed to save the planet!

As it is still summer here in Aotearoa, I do not have the mental capacity to write anything of great significance due to the heat and humidity. Yes, I know that compared to our Australian cousins we have it good here, anyway, I diverge from my short post today.

A big congratulations to Rebecca Kamm for her excellent opinion piece in today’s New Zealand Herald. We need more women like Rebecca. Rebecca briefly outlines the intertwined issues of consumption and population growth and then points out one of the key ways to remedy the situation. How can we fix the sociological and ecological crises that are evident in the world around us and are projected to only worsen? She states…

“How? LADIES! LADIES ARE THE KEY! Or rather, making sure women everywhere have absolute equality. Because, says Prof Paul Ehrlich: “This will allow us to include more of their brainpower to help solve these problems. And studies have shown that when women are given full rights, they have fewer children, which will help slow birth rates.”

Empowering women is a win-win situation. The only ones who will lose are the war-mongers, the misogynists and those who have a vested interest in an ever-expanding human population. Surely a world where women have full equality would be a better place. Bring on the superwomen I say!

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