A window into the future

Baby looking at the city by andreshm1

Looking at a child is like looking through a window into the future. A child born this year will be but 37 and in the prime of their life come mid-century. What will the future hold for them? The projections for population, consumption, climate change etc are ominous for 2050. Many people would rather ignore such projections and deceive themselves into thinking that such a future is too far away to concern them. Or they would rather lull themselves to sleep with wishful thinking that “someone” will solve the impending problems with new technology or political leadership or some such thing that “someone” else will do. We need to realise that such someones are the likes of you and me and that until the majority of someones start making the necessary effort to shape a future in which forthcoming generations can live in peace and prosperity, the future they will inherit is that which is currently being projected.

It has been said that children are our future, however, we inhabit a future that has been shaped those who have come before us. Our children will inhabit the future that we build for them. I, for one, do not like the look of the future we are creating for our children to inhabit, yet I also know I am failing to doing much of what is necessary to build a future that I desire for our children.

I need to spend more time looking through the windows into the future that are around me so that I may be motivated and inspired to do what must be done to build them a future worth living for.

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