A New Year; A New Government for New Zealand

A New Year and New Government for New Zealand. Well it is still kind of new, having been formed in the latter part of 2017.

So what has this Government done regarding the population issues confronting New Zealand? Unfortunately nothing of significance. Population growth is still at all time highs due to strong inward migration. New Zealand has one of the highest rates of population growth in the world! Not something to be proud of, though. Around 2% per annum gives us population doubling time of 35 years. Yep, that’d take us to 10 million by around 2050.

Sure, things may change soon-ish. Such high levels of net migration are unlikely to continue at current levels. But the new government, despite meagre evidence in it’s favour, still seems wedded to the idea of a bigger population being better and there has been no mention of adjusting the main driver of New Zealand’s future population growth; that being the target of 40 to 50 thousand permanent residence approvals per annum. There may be a little tinkering around the edges with student visa and work visa rules but this will have little, if any, long term impact.

Our new Prime Minister is partnered with a celebrity who is a keen fisherman (like myself) and hosts a fishing show. I want to know if she or he cares that the fishing and outdoor experiences that have been available to them are being diminished by New Zealand’s rapid population growth and will not be available, to the same degree, to their child (she is pregnant if anyone doesn’t know).

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