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5 million…

Amidst the endless stream of news related to COVID-19 and it’s ensuing implications, the population of New Zealand has reached 5 million. This has been the fastest million added to New Zealand’s population ever. The irony of this is that it is New Zealand’s low population density and relatively small population that has enabled the … Continue reading

Population Growth and House Price Growth

I saw this chart recently and it got me thinking how too often people miss the elephant in the room of population growth. Now correlation is not necessarily causation but there is quite a strong correlation. If we care about rapid house price increases and the resultant social, economic and environmental consequences then we are fools … Continue reading

Population Growth and Climate Change

Firstly a big thumbs up to Brook Sabin and for having the balls to write and publish an opinion piece putting two of the most obvious things together. Two things that most New Zealanders can see as clear as daylight – evidenced from the the vast number of supporting comments on the opinion piece … Continue reading

The Young Lady who may change the World

If you’ve been stuck in the bush for a few days without the internet or anything you may not have heard about Greta Thunberg and her speech to the UN. However if you’ve been following the climate change debate for some time you’ve probably heard of her. Anyhow, her recent speech – which was quite … Continue reading

10.8% in 5 years!

The population growth rates – based on the 2018 census – which were released today show that New Zealand’s population grew 10.8% over the 5 years between the 2013 and 2018 censuses. Therefore, on average, the population grew by about 2.1 percent a year since the 2013 Census which is significantly higher than the annual average … Continue reading

Population Growth, Immigration and Ihumātao

Why can we not have an honest and open debate about population growth and immigration in Aotearoa-New Zealand, without the debate rapidly deteriorating into name calling and accusations of racism and xenophobia. The ongoing Ihumātao protests and ensuing debate recently bought to this to a head where Māori Council executive director Matthew Tukaki was accused … Continue reading

fish anyone? redux

Three years ago there was considerable debate regarding the introduction of stricter size and number limits for recreational fishing in Northern New Zealand. What was missing from the debate was the impact of population growth and the associated increased pressure on fish stocks. I blogged on this issue three years ago, stating that as New Zealand’s … Continue reading