Optimism and Overpopulation

“Without the motivation to limit family size, access to modern contraception is nearly irrelevant.” Virginia Abernethy, The Atlantic Monthly December 1994. The above quote is from an article that was written almost 20 years ago. The author argues that the key driver of population growth is the desired number of children, rather than the lack … Continue reading

NZIER’s Population Growth Obsession

The NZIER released a report today that continues to push their agenda of increased population growth as a necessity for New Zealand’s economic wellbeing. According to their report; increasing population growth (via increased immigration) by adding an extra 40,000 people per year over ten years would lead to an increase in GDP per capita of … Continue reading

Baby Bonus?

The New Zealand Labour Party has caused a stir this week announcing a raft of policy measures intended to alleviate poverty and improve the quality of life of New Zealand’s children. The one policy that has caught the media’s attention is the paying of new parents who earn up to $150,000 per annum $60 per … Continue reading

Egypt – avoiding “collective suicide”

“Egyptian census data shows that in 1948, Egypt’s population reached nearly twenty million, added another twenty million by 1975, twenty million more by 1994, with the populace reaching sixty million. Another twenty million over the next seventeen years means eighty million Egyptians by 2011. Egyptians needed thousands of years to reach the first twenty million, … Continue reading

4.5 million New Zealanders

This week a new New Zealander will take our nations population over the 4.5 million mark, and so another numerical milestone in our nations history will come to pass. It may be a baby born in Auckland or equally a migrant worker arriving to work on the Christchurch rebuild. There are two things, however, of … Continue reading

Breathing Space

Is the latest census data revealing a trend of slowing population growth or is it simply a temporary break from the rapid growth seen in the previous years? The data shows that New Zealand’s population grew at an average annual rate of 0.7% from 2006 to 2013 compared with an average annual rate of 1.5% … Continue reading

Rise of the People Mover

NB: This blog post is pure speculation and conjecture. Maybe you have seen one of these machines traveling on a road or parked outside the supermarket near you. They seem to be rapidly increasing in number these days. The ubiquitous people mover, also known as the minivan, seems to be replacing the family sedan or … Continue reading

Aging Population or Balancing Population?

Too often the commentators in the mainstream media remind us that New Zealand has an ‘aging population’. We are reminded that we need to be concerned by the increasing burden that these old people will place on our society and how this aging population can only be detrimental to our nation. Yet, are there no benefits from having an … Continue reading